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Thoroughbred Pedigree Database

Welcome to Pedigree Online's Thoroughbred Pedigree Database, an online Thoroughbred horse database consisting of more than 2.7 million horses from around the world. If this is your first time visiting the site, you can pull up the pedigree for any horse in the database by simply entering its name in the form above and clicking the "Horse Query" button. For more about using this site or reading pedigrees, make sure to check out the Help menu.

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Conduit Mare Profiles Added

We've just added Bill Lathrop's Modern Conduit Mare Profiles to our pedigree printouts. His system is similar to Steve Roman's Dosage indexes in that it attempts to measure speed and stamina influences in a pedigree. However, it differs from Roman's approach in that it uses female families rather than influential sires to analyze the pedigree. Bill publishes a book about the subject if you want to learn more about it. The conduit profiles will appear below the pedigrees for subscribers to the site only.

Database updates

Jan 2013: The conduit mare profiles and chefs-de-race stallions have been updated for 2013. We're currently working on updating George William Smith's Grasp and GSV score