We've moved to a new home

Del Mar's Thoroughbred racing season has forced us to move the pedigree site to a new server. Please update all your bookmarks and links to point to the new site at (

Pedigree Display Preferences

We've made some formatting changes to the pedigree displays on our site. For most people, the new displays will be better and faster. However, for others it may not be ideal. If you find that the font size of the new displays is too small or too large. You can now set the pedigree display preferences that work best with your computer.

Additional Features Added

The ability to add photos and comments to our database has been added. To add a specific photo, pull up the pedigree of a horse in the database and click on the link below the pedigree that says, "I want to correct the listing or add more information". Find the photo field and paste in the URL of the photo you'd like to add.

Stallion Finder

We've teamed up with to provide an online Stallion Finder which is a online catalog of hundreds of Quarter Horse, Paint, and Appaloosa stallions. The stallion finder provides an inexpensive way for stallion owners to advertise their stallions online and for mare owners to check out hundreds of stallions.

Non Thoroughbred Database

In order to take advantage of the pedigree software we've developed for Thoroughbred Racehorses, we've decided to create a online pedigree database open to all breeds of horses. We'll be starting out with our 500,000 horse thoroughbred database as a seed for the all breed pedigree query. In time, our users should add additional horses from other breeds to make the database more complete.

Feel free to add your horses, or others that you know. If a specific breed isn't covered by our database, let us know by mailing [email protected] and asking us to add the specific breed. I'm also available to accept donations of data for this site. If you have more than 1,000 horses collected in a database available for us to use, please contact me and I'll work to get your data included into this site.

Let people know about this site as well. The larger our community grows, the more information we'll be able to provide.

Also realize that initially the features in the non-TB database will be limite. We'll be adding more of the features on the normal pedigree query over time including the ability to add photos and additional information as well as breed specific extras.

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