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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:23 am 
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First, thanks to everyone who responded both on this poll/thread and via PM. It is clear that the members here continue to have no tolerance for personal attacks on other members.

Second, here is some forum history for the newer members. This is just a brief overview that touches on the key points:

Many years ago the forum had an open format with no log-in and no moderation, and people were free to post whatever and however they wanted to. Personal attacks built up between posters, legal issues arose, and the site owners shut the forum completely down. They agreed to re-open the forum with the current log-in format ONLY on the condition that the forums would be moderated to prevent personal attacks from ever escalating again. The moderators are here to squelch personal attacks and potential legal issues, period. As for ideas and opinions- that is not what the site owners want moderated and that is not what the moderators are here to deal with.

Since the forum returned, only minor changes have been made without full member participation. The rules that are posted at the top of every sub-forum were created after a lengthy series of polls and discussions among the members. So, the site owners dictated what was to be moderated and the members developed the rules based on that. Every so often the members have been asked to participate in polls or on threads to determine the focus of the membership as a whole. Each time, the overwhelming majority has supported the rules as they are written.

Third, moderators volunteer here, and they have real-life responsibilities and time restraints that can prevent them from seeing or dealing with issues immediately. To address this and allow for more effective moderation, you will soon see four moderator names listed on each and every sub-forum. Wavemaster and Roguelet will be on each forum, and there will also be two additional moderator names on each forum. Here are a few notes regarding moderators that will help you contact the person who can best help you with a specific problem:

Wavemaster will step in and moderate particularly nasty situations if needed. This is an administrative appointment that has been asked to deal with the uglier, more pressing problems only, and should not be your first go-to person. Other moderators will refer issues to Wavemaster if needed.

Roguelet will activate all new memberships. New members should forward their welcome message, including their username, to Roguelet, who will then activate the account. Forgotten password requests should also be forwarded to Roguelet if the forgotten password link does not work; Roguelet will then re-set the password for you.

Lucy will help with issues on the pedigree side of the site; locked horses, duplicates, etc. If you have attempted to fix a problem on the pedigree side and were not successful, please contact her or post on the Technical Library forum so she or another pedigree researcher can help you.

For questions or problems regarding a specific thread or post, privately contact one of the moderators whose name is listed on that particular forum.

The forum rules will remain as written; please take a moment to review them. Additional moderator names will be added to each sub-forum shortly.

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