just One More to go...

News about mares getting ready to foal, new foals, foal naming, etc.

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just One More to go...

Postby madelyn » Tue Apr 27, 2021 7:22 am

Glenfiddich Fire had a huge chestnut filly by Thabit on the 16th at 3:45 am. Big correct filly with a very feisty temperament. We went through a bit of milk shock day one, nothing that 3x pepto bismol anti-diarrhea couldn't handle. This is likely the mare's last foal for us - she is 21. In great health and everything but at her age the getting up while heavily pregnant is a bit much and all.

Smokin Hot Number popped out a big Tale of Verve chestnut colt on the 22nd at 9:15 am. Beautiful sweet colt with a touch me all over temperament. In great shape from the moment he popped out - up an nursing in 35 minutes. The mare tore a bit so it will be a surgery in a month or so and wait to breed till next year.

Callie Hermosa is our last one due, probably waiting for the pink moon to pass. If she has a chestnut, it will be the Year of the Red Horses!! In 15 years mostly bays, have only had maybe 4 chestnuts out of 75+ foals.

What's going on with your foals out there?
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