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Spayed mare as pasturemate for yearling colt?
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Author:  MaresRest [ Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Spayed mare as pasturemate for yearling colt?

Early next year, I'll have a situation I haven't had before: No pasture companion for a yearling colt.

I always keep my weanling colts and fillies together until they're short yearlings, then separate them. In the past, I've had a colts-only paddock, or put a singleton colt in with my old riding gelding. This year, I have a lone colt, but no longer have any geldings on the property.

It's time to add another riding horse to the farm anyhow, so I've been looking for a gelding that does well with both mares and colts. The right gelding hasn't come along... BUT... I've found a mare that had a double oophorectomy (aka ovariectomy or spaying) completed. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with spayed mares interacting with uncut colts.

I know I wouldn't have to worry about an unwanted foal, of course. But I really don't want the colt getting overly studdish. Does the lack of ovaries completely halt estrous, and would that keep an intact colt from wanting to mate? Interested to hear if any of you have had or seen a similar scenario.

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