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Now in my Journey of Discovery in the 1970s, once I had made my breakthrough sometime in the late 1970s early 1980s I thought at the time I had discovered everything.
I thought that events were going to continue in the same way into the future with the pedigrees of racing greyhounds and thoroughbreds, but how wrong I was for instance I subsequently discovered that events run in cycles with the first full cycle in racing greyhound similar evolution being different from the second full cycle in racing greyhound similar evolution, actually things had to happen 90% of the time before I actually knew what was going to happen that is how my findings were basically put together.
Well this is the way it has continued ever since events have continually taken place in a slightly different way from the way they should have taken place at the time and this was enough to throw me of, also although the same situation happens in the thoroughbred and racing greyhound breeds into the bargain the thoroughbred breed has several times in the past travelled a different route from the route travelled by the racing greyhound breed to reach a similar situation.
This situation also has continued into the latest cycle in thoroughbreds actually the 3rd cycle in thoroughbred similar evolution, I claim that the 3rd cycle in the racing greyhound similar evolution has been completed so I have a guide to show how things should pan out in the 3rd cycle in the thoroughbred similar evolution that’s allowing for the fact that I do not actually know the route thoroughbred similar evolution will follow until it actually happens.
Take for instance the claim that I made that my understanding of thoroughbred pedigrees took a giant leap forward when Teofilo won the Dewhurst stakes in October 2006 I knew that time was running out for it to be any other son of Sadlers Wells so I formed the opinion that Teofilo’s sire Galileo was the racehorse version of a greyhound called Monalee Champion.
Monalee Champion’s sire Crazy Parachute as far as I was concerned was the racing greyhound version of Galileo’s sire Sadlers Wells and Crazy Parachute’s sire a greyhound called Hi There was the racing greyhound version of Sadlers Wells sire Northern Dancer.
I also formed the opinion at that time that Monalee Champion’s maternal great grandsire Champion Prince was the racing greyhound version of Galileo’s maternal great grandsire Mr Prospector but this is were things appeared to go wrong as Mr Prospector’s son Miswaki remember who was Galileo’s grandsire was not the racehorse version of Monalee Champion’s grandsire a greyhound called The Grand Prince.
The racehorses that had the performances on the track and the pedigree to match were called Machiavellian and Smart Strike these two racehorses most closely resembled the racehorse version of The Grand Prince at the time, now as Smart Strike has not feature in any significant pedigrees we shall forget about him at present.
We shall concentrate instead on Machiavellian who was the grandsire of Shamardal, Dark Angel and Zoffany as a matter of fact Sharmadal’s dam Helsinki had the closest pedigree to be the racehorse version of Monalee Champion’s mother Sheila at Last.
So although Galileo had the stud performance and the correct pedigree meaning that Northern Dancer and Mr Prospector were in the correct position in his pedigree his mother Urban Sea who although who had the correct performance on the track had not the correct pedigree on the page so were did that leave me with Shamardal for instance is Shamardal the real racehorse version of Monalee Champion.
Now in the year 2000 in racing greyhound similar evolution which corresponds to 2067 in thoroughbred similar evolution the leading sire was a greyhound called Staplers Joe a parental sire line descendant of Hi There his parental grandson Monalee Champion and Monalee Champion’s best sire son a greyhound called Itsachampion, so all of these animals were on Staplers Joe parental sire line.
Not only was Staplers Joe the leading sire in Ireland that year but the Hi There sire line accounted for 44% of the total winners, so in trying to interpret what racehorse sire may be the racehorse version of Itsachampion these are the problems I am face with.
Number one problem is the fact that Frankel is at the present time the leading sire son of Galileo but his maternal grandsire Danehill dose not the racehorse version of Itsachmpion’s grandsire actually his pedigree is no were near that of the grandsire of itachampion, actually the racehorse with the pedigree and performance on the track that resembles the racehorse version of Itsacampion is Nathaniel.
Now as Frankel is at present the best sire son of Galileo going by my findings he cannot be the racehorse version of Itsachampion while the racehorses that fit the bill are as I have written are Nathaniel and also New Approach who I have not mentioned but they have not the stud performance of Frankel yet, this has left me in a bit of a dilemma.
I am beginning to wonder if the racehorse version of Staplers Joe turns out to be a parental sire line descendant of Shamardal instead of Galileo that would put the cat amongst the pigeons anyway if Frankel turns out to be the racehorse version of Itsachampion no doubt either New Approach or Nathaniel will figure in the pedigree or pedigrees of significant influential sires any whey these are the sorts of problems I face all of the time.
Now my predictions in the racehorse world are getting better all of the time so along with my knowledge with what should happen along with what the knowledge of what actually dose happen I hope to get my predictions out sooner rather than later.
Actually with Nathaniel not producing the goods so to speak and a question mark over New Approach I found good reasons to make Australia the potential racehorse version of Itsachampion also Gleneagles came into the reckoning in 2019 actually I have predicted that 2 –y – o’s by Gleneagles, Night of Thunder and Cable Way would do well in Europe and I think they have not let the side down so far.
I intend to send out emails to a substantial number of studs writing that if they are impressed with my predictions and would pay for them in the future to tell me so then I would then send them an email at the end of the year containing the identity or the identities of stallion or stallions that are entering stud in 2020 who I will advise to use that is if there is any of course.
Also they can also follow the 2 – y – o’s by Territories, Mehmas, Awtaad and New Bay in 2020 also in North America they can follow the produce of Exaggerator I have dropped the produce of Charming Thought for 2020 and Dream Ahead for 2012

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