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Author:  touching [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:56 am ]
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Now anybody who has read all of my posts so far will think to themselves am I any further on or wiser by reading Joseph’s findings in the sense that it may make some difference to my life or is this information purely academic, or they may come to the conclusion that even if they do understand Joseph’s findings it will make little or no difference to their lives whatsoever.
Sure Joseph describes studying racing greyhound evolution like being at the coal face of his findings but because both racing greyhound and thoroughbred evolutions provide several similar solutions to every problem only results on the ground show the true way forward.
He also writes that Contango was the initiator of the 1st cycle in racing greyhound evolution and including Contango and Bedfellow this cycle has 7 animals along its parental sire line, but this cycle is also made up of what he has called a Mechanism Cycle whose initiator was Greentick, this Mechanism Cycle has 5 of those 7 animals along its parental sire line.
Now Joseph has not explain the full nature of the Mechanism that the Mechanism Cycle gets its name from but it involves the greyhound Herschel occupying the maternal sire lines of Friendly Foe and Frandon Ferry and Herschel is produced by racing greyhound evolution using a certain principle that he has also not explained.
So Joseph has written that 5 greyhounds occupy the parental sire line of the Mechanism Cycle and they are Greentick, Sir Sankey, Fiery Furnace, Frandon Ferry and Friendly Foe, now the next cycle the 2nd cycle which was initiated by Friendly Foe’s son Staff Officer could be described purely as a Mechanism Cycle and has like the last Mechanism Cycle the 1st Mechanism Cycle 5 animals occupying its parental sire line.
Those 5 greyhounds are Staff Officer, Melksham Tom, Meadow Fescue, Castledown Lad and Bellas Prince and like the last Mechanism Cycle it involves the same animal occupying the maternal sire lines of Bellas Prince and Castledown Lad this was a greyhound called Jamie who has also been produced by racing greyhound evolution using the same principle as the principle used to produce Herschel.
Well Bellas Prince’s son Champion Prince was the initiator of the next cycle the 3rd cycle in racing greyhound evolution could this cycle be described as a Mechanism Cycle did it have 5 greyhounds along its parental sire line or is it a cycle like the one initiated by Contango with 7 greyhounds along its parental sire line or will it be some other type of cycle?
Remember if it is a cycle like the one initiated by Contango surely you would imagine that it must contain a Mechanism Cycle as well, now the parental grandsire of Contango is a greyhound called Cardinal York and as this greyhound can also be found on the maternal sire line of Greentick and as the parental grandsire of Champion Prince is Castledown Lad and as this greyhound can also be found on the maternal sire line of Tivoli Dreamer, Joseph claims that because of this he formed the opinion the 3rd cycle is a repetition of the 1st cycle.
Also this cycle contains a Mechanism Cycle as well only the Mechanism part of the cycle as Joseph has come to know is missing that is because the name of Hi There who was produced by racing greyhound evolution using the same principle as that used to produce Herschel and Jamie is missing from the maternal sire lines of Brother Fox, Tangaloa, Eaglehawk Star or Pretty Short.
As Hi There is missing from the parental sire lines of all those greyhounds except Little blade and as Hi There’s presence on the maternal sire lines of either Brother Fox, Tangaloa. Eaglehawk Star and Pretty Short was a vital factor for this cycle to be similar to the 1st and 2nd Mechanism Cycles as Joseph knew them one has to assume that the mechanism part has broken down, actually the nearest we get to a Mechanism Cycle is the fact that Pretty Short has Dream’s Image on his parental sire line and Dream’s Image can also be found on the parental sire line of his sire Tangaloa as well.
At least Joseph thinks that the 3rd cycle should contain the same number of greyhounds along its parental sire line as the number occupying by the parental sire line of the 1st cycle that number being 7, he goes on to write that going by that assumption the new initiator of the 4th cycle could be one of six greyhounds but at this stage he dose not know which one of those 6 greyhounds it will be.
So although he might know a little bit more than other people and has a better sense of the direction that racing greyhound evolution will take surely is he not in the same boat as everybody else waiting for results on the ground to show the way forward.
Now the fact that he claims that racing greyhound evolution is now about 80 years in front of thoroughbred evolution might give him a slight advantage in that industry, well for instance if Joseph claims are correct that the route travelled by thoroughbred evolution from the mid 18th century up to 2017 is the same as the route travelled by racing greyhound evolution from the mid 19th century from to 1975.
Then what ever took place in racing greyhound evolution from 1975 to 2017 should also take place in thoroughbred evolution for at least the next 80 years or so taking into account that thoroughbred evolution will on many occasions implement the same evolutionary manoeuvres in a slightly different way one would imagine that Joseph should be quicker on the ball than most but he will still have to wait until results on the ground show the way forward.
As we are now coming up to Christmas people’s priorities will no doubt in other places I shall post twice more in 2017, once next Thursday 7th of December 2017 and again on the following Monday, now I shall be very surprised if the content of my final post of 2017 dose not raise quite a few eyebrows.
I have sent this post to a racing greyhound pedigree forum and I received a reply from a mam called Stephen Fishwick and this was Stephen’s reply.
REPLY……So have you bred any good dogs using these theories?
THIS WAS MY REPLY TO STEPHEN’S REPLY……. Thanks for the reply Stephen, I was born on the 19/9/1954 and I am the oldest of four brothers although I have an older sister.
Now my father was a postman and the first greyhound that my father owned who won a race was called Paddys Ghost a son of a greyhound called Buffalo Bill, so I and my brother Paul walked Paddys Ghost and his litter brother who never won a race every day.
Now I was born with a muscular disease called Myotonia Congenita the Thomsen’s version suppose not the worst affliction somebody could be born with but all of these handicaps can affect the sufferers mentally in subtle ways and Thomsen’s disease was no exception.
To bring up his very interesting story click this link as sufferer’s with this disease look and behave normally or one believes one looks and behaves normally one can put a great effort into not be caught out so to speak.
Remember somebody with a speech impediment hates to be put on the spot and be possibly asked to read something by his teacher in a room full of classmates, so for somebody with Thomsen disease things like getting up of chair or walking up steps are two of the things that can catch a person out, as this disease stiffens the muscles especially after periods of relaxation.
So what has all this got to do with my breeding theories, well the thought of having to go through life constantly being on guard against being caught out drove me down the road to trying to find a Silver Bullet for the understanding of thoroughbred and racing greyhound pedigrees my thinking was that if I could find this Silver Bullet it would make me lots of money therefore smoothing my journey through life.
So when it came to the practical side of involvement with our racing greyhounds I gradually took a back seat and concentrated more on studying their pedigrees, so I have not actually bred any racing greyhounds at all.
The first greyhound I bought because of my theories was call Country Scene who was by a greyhound called Own Pride out of a bitch called Wanita and she was a litter sister to a very fast son of Prairie Flash called Jemmy John ... &x=35&y=12 I found out later that this greyhound had done something to his leg as a pup and although he was second in his second race his puppy injury did him no favours at all.
As far as I know the entire litter were poor, now in terms of my findings well I had found out about the cycle involving Bellas Prince, Castledown Lad, Meadow Fescue, Melksham Tom, Staff Officer and Jamie first of all and remember I am explaining only part of the story at this stage, I then assumed that the same turn of events was going to happen again.
So Stephen if I had of formed the opinion that the same turn of events was going to happen again let’s say in 1970 I would have taken some convincing that I was not on the right track especially with the English Greyhound Derby being won by John Silver , the Scottish Greyhound Derby being won by Brilane Clipper ... r&x=31&y=8 and the Welsh Greyhound Derby being won by Super Gamble .
All of these greyhounds have Champion Prince three removes back along their parental sire lines with Hi There on their maternal sire lines so as far as I was concerned one of them was potentially the latest racing greyhound version of Castledown Lad.
So believing then that one of those three greyhounds could potentially be the way forward I therefore would have been wrong in that belief and Stephen as time passed that would have happened constantly as things did not work out the way I expected they would.
It would have been very frustrating for anybody following my advice then as I was constantly being caught out every so often which meant I had to change my advice to suit my new understanding but because I claim that racing greyhound evolution is 80 years in front of thoroughbred evolution it gives me slightly more to work on in that industry.
Stephen there are hundreds of different religions in the world and that shows that people have a need to believe in something higher than them selves.
Depending on where you have been born you could well have be been taught about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism and many more as well also there are people who believe in just what they can see but generally speaking I think that most people need to believe that they are valued by some higher authority something that knows every thought that is going through their minds.
Now I was reared up believing in Christianity and although I obviously do not know if this higher authority exists all I do know is that if I had not of believed that a higher authority was helping in my quest to discover this Silver Bullet for the understanding of thoroughbred and racing greyhound pedigrees I would have given up the Ghost a long time before I made my initial breakthrough.

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