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Author:  touching [ Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:33 pm ]
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I will start this post in a similar vein to my last post also I shall tweak things a little bit and hope that works the oracle well I am called Joseph Dotters and I was born on the 19 / 9 / 1954 in Northern Ireland where I live today, I claim that the thoroughbred and the racing greyhound evolved the exact same cyclical system of evolution which I simply call Similar Evolution.
As I was born in Northern Ireland I first of all concentrated on the pedigrees of the leading greyhound sires and racers of the British Isle during the 1970s which resulted in finding good reasons for making a racing greyhound called Hi There a Specific Starting Point or animal that I considered as forming the start or the beginning of a sire line.
Every year Leading Sire Tables can be compiled for the British Isle or part of the British Isle and I compile one for the North and South of Ireland every year based on the number of individual winners of feature events over a certain value that a sire has produced not the total number that sire has produced.
Once I could think of animals as specific starting points I could then compile what I called Sire Line Tables from those yearly Leading Sires Tables, now I compile Leading Sire Tables for the racehorses as well for the continent of Europe.
My Tables are based on the number of individual winners of either Listed Stakes or Group races that a sire has produced not the total number of these races that he has produced now I consider Slaney Record the sire of Hi There as the member of an entirely different sire line than the one his son is at the beginning of.
So Hi There is the Originator of that sire line and any son of Hi There is considered by me as a member of the Hi There sire line, a Golden Rule that I use while compiling my Sire Line Tables for either species is that whenever an animal is considered a Specific Starting Point.
Any of his parental sire line descendants that win a feature event over a certain value for the greyhounds or a Listed Stakes or Group Race for the thoroughbreds is calculated into that animals total not the total of the last Specific Starting Point.
For instance if you made Northern Dancer a specific starting points then you had reason for making his parental sire line descendant Frankel a specific starting point that would mean that any parental sire line descendants of Frankel that either win a Listed Stakes or Group race for the year in question will be calculated into Frankel’s total not the total of Northern Dancer.
As a matter of fact if for instance Frankel was thought of as a specific starting point any individual produce of his or any parental sire line descendant of his that win either a Listed Stakes or Group race will disappear from the total of Northern Dancer.
Well from about the mid 18th century for racehorse breeding and from the mid 19th century for racing greyhound breeding I claim that this similarity in both their recent evolutions becomes apparent to me, although the racehorses have had a 100 year head start on the greyhounds with this similar evolution racing greyhound similar evolution caught up so to speak to racehorse similar evolution around 1945 and then shot on ahead.
I believe this is due to the fact that a racehorse has basically twice the lifespan of a greyhound, well for instance you would get more generations of racing greyhounds than racehorses in the same time frame.
I have calculated that racing greyhound similar evolution is now about 80 years in front of racehorse similar evolution, in other words the racehorses would have to evolve for another 80 years to reach the same point of similar evolution that racing greyhound similar evolution has reached at present.
I claim that so far 2 Cycles have been completed in thoroughbred similar evolution we are currently about half way through our 3rd cycle and 4 Cycles have been completed in racing greyhound similar evolution now the start of a cycle is signalled by the arrival on the scene of 2 specific starting points with the exception of the very 1st cycle in each species which was started by the arrival on the scene of just one single specific starting points performing the evolutionary jobs that the 2 specific starting points the initiated the 2nd and 3rd cycles performed.
Next I shall write out the names of the thoroughbred specific starting points adjacent the names of their racing greyhound versions.
You can see the rest of this data simply by typing similarevolution1 or into the Google search box and then click on the number 32.

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