Thoroughbred Horse Pedigree Database

New Features
  • New Navigation/Layout
  • Right Clicking
  • Popup Images
  • Extended Pedigrees
  • Preferences
  • Hide Header
  • Changes

    We've added a lot of new features to this site and changed the way the things work as well. While it may take a little while to get used to the new site, we think that in the long run, you'll find that many of changes will help you navigate pedigrees and get more information from the site.


    The most obvious change to the site for those who are used to the old database is the new navigation/layout. You'll find that you should now be able to switch reports for a single horse by using the menu. To see how this works, enter the name of a horse in the form above and pull up the pedigree for that horse. From the pedigree report, you can switch to another report for the same horse by using the reports menu.

    Right Click

    A new right click feature has also been added to most pedigree reports on the site. If you pull up a pedigree for a horse, you can right click inside the pedigree to pull up reports for other horses. For instance, from the pedigree report, click inside the box that contains the dam's name and select "Progeny" to pull up a progeny report for the horse's dam. This feature is a major time saver once you get used to it as it'll let you quickly jump from report to report. Also note that the right click feature has been enabled on the linebreeding and other reports. Anywhere you see a horse's name on the site, you should be able to use this new feature.

    Popup Images/Info

    Once you pull up a pedigree, you may see small images inside the pedigree ( ). Running your mouse over these images will produce a popup with either a picture or additional information about the horse. It's a quick and easy way to look at photographs inside a pedigree or get information for a horse.

    Extended Pedigrees

    On pedigree displays under 7 generations, you'll notice a new triangle image () to the right of the female family numbers. If you run your mouse over these triangles, you'll get an additional two generations of the pedigree without the need to actually view the pedigree. This is a way to quickly look further back in the pedigree without the need to pull up a new pedigree.


    It's fairly difficult to design a pedigree display that consistantly looks good on all monitors/computer systems. Because of this, the new site has been designed to be flexible with reguard to font sizes. If you haven't done so already, we suggest that you take a minute to set your pedigree preferences to make sure that pedigrees look best on your monitor. Once you've got a setting that you like, hit the grey 'x' in the uppoer right of the pedigree preferences box to save your settings for future visits to this site.

    Hide Header

    In order to allow for as much space as possible when vieiwing pedigrees, you can click the no header button in the upper right corner of this window. This will get rid of the header for this site and give you as much room as possible to view pedigrees. To bring the header back, you can click the restore header button